About the Journal

Genta Mulia is a periodical scientific publication dedicated to lecturers, students and educational observers to disseminate relevant studies, thinks and research results in the field of education, teaching, and learning, classroom action research, curriculum, learning methods and medias, research on student assessment, and research on the development of educational management and school management. Genta Mulia is published twice a year on  January and July.

The History of Genta Mulia was published by Research Center and Community Service of STKIP Bina Bangsa Meulaboh established on 2013. Genta Mulia was formed on June 2013, and began releasing the first time in Volume 1 Number 1 January 2014. Any visitor to this site can browse abstracts, read journal contents and download PDF files for free.

E-ISSN: 2580-6416 and P-ISSN 2301-6671.

The editorial board of  Genta Mulia would like to receive manuscripts submitted via the online submission system only. Make sure that the manuscripts meet the focus and scope, and also match with submission guidelines of the journal. For more detailed information, please refer to the terms and conditions of Genta Mulia.

Genta Mulia is currently indexed and included in SintaGoogle ScholarGaruda, etc. And than Genta Mulia has accredited 5 in Sinta.