Author Guidelines

Article Writing Terms

Articles must be related to the development of Basic Education including learning strategies, development of teaching materials, skills or supporting skills for prospective teachers, development of learning media. Articles are raised or based on research results, book reviews or theoretical studies that are equivalent to research . The author must ensure that the article must be an original manuscript and has never been published in any media. Article writing rules are as follows:

LANGUAGE : The manuscript is written in Indonesian

FORMAT : The manuscript is typed on A4 size paper (210 mm x 297 mm) with space. The maximum number of pages is 20 pages. The contents of the text are typed in Times New Romans Font, 12pt.

TITLE : Title written in Indonesian. The title should be no more than 2 lines (ranging between 10-15 words) and must reflect the essence of the content of the article. The author's name is listed below the title without including title and position. The title is typed in Times New Romans font, 14pt, under the author's name followed by the name of the institution where the author works, and the author's email address.

ABSTRACT : Abstract written in Indonesian, no more than 200. Abstract typed in Times New Roman font, 12pt, single spaced. Describes the essence of the entire content of the article.

KEYWORDS : Key words are listed below the abstract, a maximum of 5 words written in Indonesian.

TABLE : The table title and required information are written in Indonesian clearly and concisely. Tables must be numbered. The use of commas (,) and dots (.) in numbers in the table indicate decimal fractional and whole thousand values respectively.

IMAGES : Graphics and other illustrations in the form of images must be contrasting and made in black ink. Each image must be given a number, title and clear description (proportional font) in Indonesian.

PHOTO : Photos must have good sharpness (resolution), be given clear titles and descriptions in Indonesian and English.

BODY OF THE MANUFACTURE : Arranged in chapters consistently according to needs.

 WRITING SYSTEMATIC is as follows:

Title : Indonesian, Author, agency and author's email, Abstract: Indonesian, Keywords, Introduction, Research Methods (if in the form of research results), Results and Discussion, Conclusions and Suggestions, Reference List

CONCLUSION : is the result of the discussion that answers the research problem. Fill in the conclusion using the same font and paragraph style as the other sections and avoid using bullets or numbers.

 BIBLIOGRAPHY : Referenced literature must be published no later than the last ten years with a minimum of ten libraries sourced from primary references. Sources are written following the style issued by the APA (American Psychological Association). To avoid errors in writing the bibliography format, we recommend using a reference application such as Mendeley. An example of writing a bibliography is as follows:

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